Wednesday, November 25, 2009

From techn writer to software developer and back and ...

The last weeks I have been lucky to do some development. Even though the tasks I did, would be for a sr developer some minor work, the job helped me getting a better view over our software. All development I did was in Python.
My first job was to refactor a wizard so that it became consistent to the new specs of the software.
After this refactoring work, I refactored the same wizard again and two others so that these wizards became available in the web interface.
A lot of development and testing later, I succeeded in all my tasks, I even did some bug-fixes, w00t.
But time has come that my engineering tasks are over, and that I'm back in my natural habitat of writing documentation. I'm a tech writer after all...

So what did I learn during these last weeks as developer?
First I have to admit that I really enjoyed my time as engineer. Not that I've become an experienced engineer (pretty far away from that level), but I just like to learn new stuff. And just like everything, you learn by doing so. So I'm glad that my manager gave me the opportunity to spend some time in development, since I don't have too much time in private to become a developer.

I have learned quite a lot about Q-layer's Q-Action/Workflow mechanism and using variables in that system. Even though it's quite complex, imho it's a great system.
Once you get to know the terminology and mechanism, it goes quite fast to create your own Q-Actions, annex workflows.

So before returning completely to tech writing mode, I was thinking, why not write a short message before I start documenting the things I learned the passed few weeks...

Bye bye til the next time!

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